About grant

PRELUDIUM is a programme offered by National Science Center.

PRELUDIUM is a funding opportunity intended for pre-doctoral researchers about to embark on their scientific career.

The Principal Investigator must be an individual who is beginning his/her career in research and does not have a doctoral degree. Apart from the supervisor, the team members must not hold a habilitation degree or the title of professor. The number of team members must not exceed 3 persons. 

For details see National Science Center project center.

Project description

The objective of the project is to research and later prepare methods for computer-aided diagnostics of digital dermoscopic images. Developed system is to process digital images acquired from various photo/video dermatoscopes or SIAscope type devices, and calculate a set of features that can describe skin lesions. Gathered feature set should improve the diagnostic process of malignant lesions, and allow further research on lesion development.

Project leader: Leszek Nowak

Project title: Texture analysis and recognition for computer-aided diagnostics of skin lesions digital images

Project value: 61 550 PLN

Project duration: 18 months

Project start: 17 October 2012

Project ends: 16 April 2014

For details see Melanoma Computer-aided Diagnostics project.


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