Research Grants

Scientific Exchange Programme NMS-CH

Fellow Mr. Marcin Piotr Pawlowski 

Swiss side mentor: Prof. Antonio Jara

Polish side mentor: Prof. Maciej Ogorzalek

Project title: BASTION - Analysis, design and evaluation of Bootstrapping, Authentication, Security and Trust for the Internet of Things Networks

MASTER Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

PRELUDIUM Project of the National Science Center

VENTURES Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

Research Programme of Committiee for Scientific Research


Co-synthesis of Embedded Systems

Co-synthesis of Embedded Systems is a project that focuses on using evolutionary methods for building embeded systems.

Melanoma Computer-aided Diagnostics

Melanoma Computer-aided Diagnostics is a research focused on defining description taxonomy of melanocytic skin lesions to improve early detection of malignant melanoma

Monte Carlo Simulations for CTA

Monte Carlo simulations for CTA is a research carried out during the preparatory phase of the Cherenkov Telescope Array project. The aim of the project is to build the next generation observatory of very high energy gamma rays.