Prof. Maciej Ogorzałek

Full Professor
Head of the Department

ZTI, Maciej Ogorzałek
ul. Łojasiewicza 11
30-348 Kraków, Poland

E-mail:  maciej.ogorzalek (at)
Phone: +48 12 664 48 27

Curriculum vitae:


  • Electronic Engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow – MSc degree in 1979.
  • Electrical Engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow - PhD degree in 1987.
  • Habilitation (dr hab) degree in 1992.
  • Professor title conferred by the President of the Republic of Poland in July 1998.

Total number of published papers 376:

  • One book Chaos and Complexity in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits, World Scientific
  • 34 book chapters,
  • 0 papers in ISI listed journals and over 180 papers in conference proceedings; among these papers in 66 M.J. Ogorzałek is single author.


  • ISI Web of Knowledge: total 915, without auto-citations 854, most cited paper: 169 citations , h-index: 15,
  • Following Google Scholar number of citations: 2272, h-index: 22, i10 index: 47
  • Most down-loaded book chapter: total no. of downloads: 3647 !

Research Interests

  • Design of 3D integrated circuits.
  • Heterogeneous systems on chip.
  • Computational techniques for next generation integrated circuits.
  • Computational systems biology.
  • Energy efficiency and Cooling strategies for 3D integrated circuits.
  • Computational intelligence techniques for bio-medical applications.
  • Pattern classification and image processing for medical diagnosis.
  • Statistical learning with applications to chemi- and bio-informatics.
  • Modern information technologies and techniques including new techniques for signal transmission, coding, compression including software and hardware issues.
  • Analysis and processing of biomedical signals (EEG, ECG etc).
  • Analysis of dynamical properties of nonlinear systems (electronic, automatic control and neural in particular).
  • Oscillatory behavior, chaotic motion.
  • Numerical algorithms for nonlinear and chaotic systems.
  • Nonlinear signal processing.
  • Applications of modern techniques to control of medical disorders (cardiac arrhythmias, epilepsy) and physical systems (optics, electronics).
  • Applications of fractals in chip design, antenna and power electronics.


The Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award 

Katarzyna Grzesiak-Kopeć and Maciej Ogorzałek received the Best Paper Award on Human System Interaction Conference

MASTER Programme

MASTER Programme

Prof. Maciej Ogorzałek among the winners of the Master Programme

Academy of Europe

The Academy of Europe

Prof. Maciej Ogorzałek elected a member of the Academia Europaea

J. Groszkowski Medal

The J. Groszkowski Medal

Prof. Maciej Ogorzałek received the J. Groszkowski Medal for his contribution in electronics developement

IEEE/CASS Meritorious Service Award

IEEE/CASS Meritorious Service Award

Prof. Maciej Ogorzałek received 2012 IEEE/CASS Meritorious Service Award